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2017 Overwatch Summer Games Will Come With New Skins And Updates

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Blizzard just announced that it will be hosting a round of 2017 Overwatch SUmmer Games.

Blizzard announced on Tuesday, August 01, that its Overwatch Summer Games event will be coming back this year, and that they will also be bringing some differences with them. According to the release, users can expect to see some new features, including sport-themed skins and a new stadium¸ among others. The 2017 Overwatch Summer Games will run for three weeks in August.

2017 Overwatch Summer Games Event Will Come with Discounts and New Content

The Overwatch Summer Games are an Olympics-inspired gaming tournament organized by Blizzard. It was first organized last year, as a seasonal event which began on August 02. Now, this will return for three weeks this August as well.

Jeff Kaplan, the Blizzard game director, posted a Developer Update on YouTube in which he revealed the news. In it, Kaplan also announced that this year’s event would be coming with a number of changes as well. Namely, users will be able to access and use some new features. They will also be getting free access or discounts for others.

The 2016 skins for the games will be available for unlocking again and will come with a discount. Instead of the set value of 3,000 credits, these will cost 1,000 credits. Users will also be seeing some new skins, with Kaplan pointing out that one of them is “one of my favorite skins of all time”.

Sydney, Australia, will be getting a new stadium, and the Copa Lúcioball will run for all the three weeks of the event. Lúcioball is the competitive version of Overwatch’s soccer game inspired by Rocket League. This year, it will also be coming with a competitive mode.

According to Kaplan, this year’s event should also come with a “drastically reduced rate” or loot boxes duplicates. These are also just a few of the announced changes.

The 2017 Overwatch Summer Games are set to start next Tuesday, August 08 and last three weeks, up until August 29. They will be available to play on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and on the PC.

It was unclear if the Summer Games would be returning for another year as the 2016 edition was tied to last year’s Olympic Summer Games taking place in Rio, Brazil.

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