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A Persona 5 Anime Is Heading Our Way According To Atlus

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Atlus announced on Sunday its plans of releasing a Persona 5 anime sometime in 2018.

Atlus announced on Sunday that it would be looking to release a Persona 5 anime. According to the first details and reports on the matter, this could start airing sometime in 2018. The announcement also came with a first short trailer of the future anime.

Persona 5 Anime Initially Available Only in Japan?

Persona 5 is the sixth installment in the Persona series, developed by Atlus and part of the bigger Megami Tensei franchise. Available on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 video game consoles, Atlus is the game’s publisher in North America and Japan.

At least for now, the announcement relating to the future Persona 5 anime appears strictly targeted at the Japanese audience. No details have been yet revealed if the anime will also become available in the United States and worldwide.

The anime will reportedly be produced by A-1 Pictures, who was also in charge of creating the four other movies in the franchise. A-1 Pictures is the animation studio that created the Persona 5, the Animation: The Day Breakers’ Episode 0, Persona 5: The Golden Animation, and the four Persona 3 movies.

According to some reports, the decision to create an anime based on Persona 5 isn’t all that surprising. Just recently, Sega’s director, Toshihiro Nagoshi, stated that almost 2 million copies of the game had been shipped since its release.

This very popular game was first released in Japan back in September 2016 and then in the United States and worldwide earlier this year, in April.

The Persona 5 anime will likely follow the game’s story line, which takes place in Tokyo. This follows the protagonist after his transfer from the Shujin Academy and being put on probation after an assault which he was falsely accused of committing.

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