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Splatoon 2 is Nothing New, but it Doesn’t Need to Be

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The original Splatoon videogame kind of reinvented the way players saw shooters. It got rid of the guns and bullets and replaced them with paint guns. The game also offered a new alternative to those older multiplayer shooters that seemed all the same. Now, two years after the original game, its sequel, called simple, Splatoon 2, continues that trend. Not in the sense that it reinvents something else, but in the sense that it continues to entertain us in a non-violent manner. It also makes the best out of Nintendo’s Switch console.

Splatoon 2, still fun, still colorful

As fans of the series probably know, in Splatoon you don’t chase around enemies to make bullet holes in them. Instead, you fight with colorful paint or ink. While this colorful substance affects your opponents, it has an even more important role. Everything you manage to paint becomes yours. This until someone else paints it, and then it becomes theirs. This time, the main character is a kid who can turn into a squid. Sounds fun and different, right? Because it really is. Actually, there is a reason behind this unusual transformation. In this post-apocalyptic world the game is taking place in, the life from under the sea has gained some unexpected attributes. And basically, in Splatoon 2, the squid children are at war with the human octopi. This makes for an interesting premise even if at times, it becomes absolutely absurd.

Also, it’s interesting to note that while those games became famous for their multiplayer, this time, the single player campaign does the game justice. The idea here is simple. Those who played the first game will remember a certain pop star called Callie. This time, she has gone missing in some bizarre circumstances. The player must now find her while going through some amazing adventures.

Doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it doesn’t have to

It’s very important for fans of the first game to acknowledge that this sequel doesn’t reinvent the wheel. If they played the first one, they’ll know what to expect now. But then again, Splatoon 2 doesn’t have to be revolutionary. That was the job of the first game. This time, it’s all about fun and colorful paint.

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