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EU Puts Pressure on Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms

It seems like recently, the European Union has been increasing its pressure on many social-media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google. The Union reportedly wants them to alter their user terms in such a way that they would be in correlation with its laws. This happens after many tech companies have submitted their own proposals which the EU deemed insufficient. Back in June, the European Commission reportedly wrote letters to the three tech giants. The agency asked them to make improvements to their user terms proposals until September this year. If the companies will not follow these instructions, the authorities can issue fines for them.

EU asks tech giants to alter their user terms

Representatives for those tech companies didn’t comment on the current situation. It’s worth noting that the main thing the authorities are concerned about is the social media platforms’ way of dealing with illegal content. Also, they are worried about the companies’ terms which limit liability and those which allow them to remove any content belonging to their users. According to the letters which the platforms received, they had until July 20 to alter their user terms and send their new proposals. A well-informed source is claiming that only two of those platforms sent their new proposals. The third one asked for more time to decide. However, the source didn’t specify which one’s which.

It’s worth noting that those tech companies have made proposals regarding changes in their user terms back in March. It’s no secret that those social media platforms had to deal with concerns from the European users. Most of those had to do with their way of dealing with illegal content. Also, with the way they handle privacy issues.

The tech companies need more time

This is why the European Commission asked the tech giants to offer more details. Especially regarding their way of dealing with illegal content. They asked for details about the deadlines of those notifications regarding the inappropriate content. Moreover, they also requested a webpage or an e-mail address be dedicated to notifications from the authorities. It seems like the authorities also want the users to receive notifications before the platform removes their content for being illegal. Also, they want to offer the users a way to attack that decision.

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