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Apple Releases Siri Movie Starring The Rock

The Rock Johnson

It’s interesting how Hollywood actors are so willing to create hype and excitement around everything they’re part of. Even if what they’re part of is not that great. This was also the case with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who, on Sunday, got everyone excited when he announced that he starred in a movie which Apple made. He said that this movie would be about the voice assistant Siri and would be launched on Monday. It was indeed about Siri, and it indeed starred The Rock, but it wasn’t by all means a “movie”.

The Rock’s “movie” with Apple

Some people might get really mad that one of Hollywood’s most prominent actors said such a big lie in what concerns this “movie”. The ad The Rock starred in it’ s about 3 minutes long and it’s called The Rock x Siri Dominate the Day. This is truly just an ad and nothing more. It’s, as usual, a collection of cliches. The most interesting part is that this video doesn’t pretend for one second that it’s anything more than it is. So, why did The Rock say that he is starring in a “movie” made by Apple? To hype up the audience so that the ad will gain lots of views in a short period of time. A classic, Hollywood-made movie.

The ad shows The Rock being the very busy actor that he is and Siri being the helpful hand he needs. It’s nothing unexpected or revolutionary, and surely it shouldn’t be called a “movie”. A basic scenario which is full of clichés doesn’t count as a movie only because a famous actor is in it. And maybe the people behind this campaign should learn the difference. After all, they should know better than to trick the audience. This never ends good.

A basic Siri ad

People can see The Rock driving a car and even piloting a plane which goes to Rome, Italy. After that, people can see him having his own fashion line. Also, talking with a movie producer, all while being guided and helped by Siri. It’s a fun experience overall, but people will notice that it’s more an ad for The Rock, and not for the virtual assistant. After all, this is the case in Hollywood. If your star isn’t under the spotlight enough, it’s not considered successful.

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