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Microsoft Reveals Cortana-Voiced Thermostat

Cortana voice assistant

Microsoft recently unveiled a new product for the thermostat market, meant as a step forward. The smart device is different than all the others because Cortana, the company’s virtual assistant, is voicing it. Thermostats connected to the internet are the new trend nowadays, and thanks to companies like Nest, they have become a mainstream product which more and more people have in their homes. Now, it seems like the tech giant has closed a partnership with Johnson Controls and came up with a new thermostat called GLAS. The reveal of the product wasn’t something big and extravagant. Instead, the company chose to unveil it through a video they posted on YouTube.

A Cortana-voiced thermostat

The interesting-looking GLAS thermostat comes with a touchscreen which permits users to manually control the device and to take a look at the info on it. This includes the temperature and the quality of the air or the calendar schedule. However, the most interesting part about this thermostat is that Cortana, the popular voice assistant, it’s now allowing people to issue voice commands. According to what the video shows, GLAS has multiple sensors which can detect when people are in the room. This way, it enables a more efficient method of handling the heating and the air control systems.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 IoT Core is the basis on which this thermostat was built. Also, apart from the amazing addition that is Cortana, the GLAS will reportedly also support Azure cloud services. At the moment, nobody knows what services this will include or how the company will manage to do that. Probably, in the near future, Microsoft will shed some light on this aspect too. Also, the price for the thermostat and when or where it will be available remain a mystery. The company will surely reveal those details soon too.

The new age of thermostats

The fact that the thermostat has the voice of Cortana on it it’s one of the first proofs of what Microsoft said last year. The company promised to make the voice assistant available to third parties too. This collaboration is one of the first to follow this path. We will see how people will receive this house device when the company will finally release it.

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