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OnePlus 5 Reboots when Users Call 911

OnePlus 5 smartphones reboot upon calling 911

It seems like those people who happen to possess a OnePlus 5 smartphone may have trouble if they’ll try to call the emergency line. It all began with one single complaint on Reddit from a person who claimed that they tried calling 911 twice after seeing a building that was on fire. Unfortunately, the smartphone rebooted both times and the call wasn’t made. Since then, more and more users have reported a similar thing happening to them. This may be a common problem for the OnePlus 5 devices because many of those worried people were able to replicate it afterwards. So, it wasn’t just a one-time issue.

OnePlus 5 reboots after calling 911

Experts are advising users to try and call their local police stations, not the emergency line, as this is considered illegal without a real reason. It’s important for owners of OnePlus 5 to know if their phone also has this glitch before running into a real emergency. It’s also interesting that many people have recreated this glitch and the same thing happened each time. The smartphone rebooted by itself. One of them, called Nick Morelli, even recorded a video of himself doing this test and posted it on his Facebook page. In the clip, people can see his smartphone, which is a OnePlus 5, suddenly shutting down immediately after he dials 911.

While it’s true that many people will not need to call the emergency line. Therefore, they won’t be bothered by this issue. However, there is a big problem if someone has a real emergency and the phone simply shuts on them. This problem could lead to many others. It could even become a life-threatening issue. Many people in need of urgent medical help won’t be able to receive it. The same goes for car crashes, fires and many other disasters.

An unusual issue

At the moment, nobody knows exactly what is causing the phone to shut down upon calling 911. Some experts and users have said that it may have to do with the smartphone’s GPS system. It’s very possible that the company will soon introduce an update which will fix the issue. It’s also interesting that users have reported this glitch on many other phones. For example, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Asus Zenfone 3 and Sony Xperia Z3.

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