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Amazon Has its own Social Network Called Spark

Amazon launches Spark

On Tuesday, Amazon launched its own social network called Spark on the iPhone app of the company. It may seem new, but there are already a ton of posts on it, a sure sign that the company has been testing it for quite some time. Only Amazon Prime members can access it for the moment. Those people are already paying $99 each year to stream videos and to have the benefit of free shipping. So, Spark will be just another addition. The company is reportedly going to launch a version for the Android phones too.

Spark, the social network

Many have said that Spark resembles a nice mix of Amazon Prime, Pinterest and a bit of Instagram flavor. This new social network platform is basically a new and easier way for the hardcore Amazon fans to spend their money on various products. However, Spark allows people to share their photos and posts about what they like. It’s reportedly something that will help Amazon clients connect and share their common interests. However, at the moment, the company is not shoving it down the people’s throats. You will need to search thorough the app to find it. Spark is hidden in the “programs and features” tab. The users will need to select about five interests and after that they will be taken to the social network.

A Wednesday demonstration of how Spark works revealed a Pinterest-like board, with lots of beautiful pictures varying from kitchen tools to make up or clothes. If you click on a certain picture, the objects that you can buy will have a yellow dot over them. Tap on it, and Spark will transport you to the Amazon page for that specific product. Many people have already noticed the similarities between this social network and both Instagram and Pinterest. However, it may be something else entirely so, not a threat.

Resembling Instagram and Pinterest

According to experts, it’s currently unclear if Spark will grow so much in popularity to become a rival to Pinterest. However, if this will happen, the platform that allows users to also buy those items, not only admire them, will be the winner. In this case, Spark. Representatives for Amazon and Pinterest refused to comment on the situation.

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