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“Kingdom Hearts 3” and What’s Taken So Long

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Twelve years ago, the very popular Kingdom Hearts 2 videogame was coming out for the PlayStation 2. Since then, fans have been eagerly waiting for the next instalment of the beloved franchise. They wanted to get the chance to go on adventures with Sora and the friends once again. Indeed, there have been numerous spin-offs, remakes and other releases, but it wasn’t enough for the avid fans of the series. Fortunately, game’s director Tetsuya Nomura offered some new details about the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3. He also explained what’s taken them so long to finally release it, during an interview at Disney’s D23 expo.

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According to what Nomura said, one year into the development of the game, some people took the sudden decision to change the engine and make the game run on the Unreal Engine 4. This situation caused lots of delays and more work needed to be done. He also specified that it hurt him to hear certain people and even fans blame him for the huge break between games. Apart from these changes, at the time, Square Enix was battling some financial problems, as well as trouble with the lack of time. This too added to the delay and the game ended up being launched 12 years later.

He continued by saying that the switch to the Unreal Engine 4 was a good one, even if it caused enormous setbacks. Kingdom Hearts 3 now looks better than anyone had imagined at the start of the development phase. So, it was all worth it and the fans will surely forgive them when they’ll see the final result. Moreover, with that change of engine came a dire need of working hands and minds. Unfortunately, timing didn’t help Square Enix. This was yet another reason for the delay.

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It’s interesting that during the D23 event, Nomura went up on stage and announced that the upcoming game will take place in another world based off the Toy Story franchise. He admitted that he has always wanted to introduce this world into the game and only now had the chance. Also, this is only one of the worlds in the game. They will reveal the rest of them on by one, until the game launches. Nomura also introduced a trailer for the upcoming videogame which will come out sometime next year.

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