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Leaks Show the New Nokia 8 Smartphone

Leaks show the new Nokia 8

According to some new repots and a few leaks, the upcoming model of high-end smartphone from Nokia will bear the name Nokia 8. Actually, a group from Finland called HMD Global is currently manufacturing those devices under the famous brand. On Monday, Evan Blass, a well-known tech leaker, is the one who posted the image showing the upcoming smartphone on his Twitter account. Rumor has it that the device will become available on July 31 but nobody knows where exactly it will become available. Also, reports are putting its starting price at about €600, but nothing is certain as the price may differ from country to country.

The upcoming Nokia 8 smartphone

Those same reports are claiming that the upcoming Nokia 8 device will have high-end specifications and a 5.3-inch display. Rumor has it that the Snapdragon 835 processor will power the smartphone, the most advanced model from Qualcomm. The RAM memory will be of either 4GB or 6GB, while the camera will feature the popular dual system, with both cameras of 13 megapixels. Also, users will find one of Google’s most recent and advanced Android operating systems on the Nokia 8.

As for the design of the smartphone, if we are to believe the leaked image from Twitter, it will look a little outdated. Those bezels from above and below the display will certainly feel a bit vintage. Especially when compared with the bezel-less designs companies are struggling to introduce. Apart from the very popular Samsung Galaxy S8 which already has no bezels, rumor has it that the new iPhone model will also follow this path. Still, this minor detail will not matter if the specifications will indeed be so technologically advanced. Also, the Finnish company will reportedly introduce a new Android version on all its phones. This will therefore exclude any useless, battery-draining apps.

High-end specifications but an outdated design

People should know another detail. Even if the name of the phone will bear the Nokia brand, the actual company will not make it. The Nokia we all knew gave up on making phones completely. Instead, the HMD Global company acquired the rights to use this famous brand on their devices. Also, some past executives from Nokia are running this company too, so it’s understandable.

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