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New Emojis Coming from Apple Later this Year

New emojis to roll out later this year

Emojis are cool, useful in conversations and they have also become increasingly complex and ingenious. However, after a while of using the same little yellow face for expressing laughter when you are actually not amused at all, they can become quite boring. This is why Apple has decided to introduce a series of new emojis which will roll out for the iOS later this year. There have been some experts who have criticized the absence of some specific emojis, while others have praised their complexity and realism. Surely one cannot please everybody, but Apple is now trying to at least extend their emoji collection with some new ones.

New emojis to become available later this year

On Monday, Apple posted some kind of preview on its official website, detailing some of those new emoji additions. Some of them, even if they may seem a bit bizarre at first, are surely on the right track of becoming legendary. One of those is the emoji that has its eyes closed and its vomiting a gross, green substance. The only explanation for this little guy is that people will be using him to express the fact they’re disgusted. Indeed, there hasn’t been a vomiting emoji and it’s a nice addition. However, some have said that the emoji has a little too much detail. They are probably referring to the little red and yellow dots in that green substance.

The elves are another interesting addition from Apple to the crowd of emojis. People should know that they come in both genders and a variety of skin colors, as they should be. This addition is not really necessary. People don’t usually feel the need to express that they’re feeling “elfish”, but it’s probably for those Lord of the Rings fans out there. They will surely appreciate this addition.

Fun and complex

There are also some new animals which Apple will introduce, like a zebra. Apart from this, a star-eyed emoji and one whose head is exploding are also some interesting additions. The one with stars in its eyes could very well express a great moment in someone’s life. Also, the exploding head might be extremely self-explanatory for those stressed people at work. Also, it could exemplify the expression “mind-blowing”. It all depends on the interpretation.

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