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Amazon Working on New Messaging App

Amazon works on new messaging app

According to some recent reports, the giant company Amazon, mostly specialized in e-commerce, is working on developing a new messaging app. The giant is reportedly aiming at having its own personal app which will be called Anytime, meant to rival the Facebook Messenger. Moreover, the company is currently asking its customers about what to introduce and what to leave out of the app. Also, it wants to know what its clients would like so that it can offer them the best experience possible from a messaging app. However, it is important to know that at the moment, nobody knows any other details about this Anytime app or when it will launch.

Anytime from Amazon

Some reports are claiming that Amazon wants to make Anytime the one and only app when it comes to communication. According to them, the aim is to make it so big and complex that it would become a strong rival for other social media platforms. The app would supposedly include text messaging along with video and voice calls. Moreover, a very important feature of it will be the ability to share photos and videos with your contacts. Also, it would permit users to apply various filters on their photos. Moreover, to mention their friends in them, to apply stickers and to play games. If this is true, Anytime will unite about every feature currently on Instagram. All with a Snapchat flavor and a bit of Facebook inspiration.

According to some leaks from the survey Amazon send its clients, the app will allow them to even make conference calls. Also, to get in contact with companies. Also, people will be able to make reservations using only the app. The survey also suggests that people will use the app both on computers and on mobile devices connected to internet.

Amazon extending business

Actually, this is not the first attempt from Amazon to extend its business. This year it revealed Chime, which is a conference-oriented communication app for businesses. The purpose was to make a service which would make competition stronger for Skype for Business or WebEx. The virtual voice assistant Alexa is also one of Amazon’s creations which has become very popular. The future will tell us if the company will indeed launch such a messaging app.

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