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Design and Release Date for iPhone 8 almost Confirmed

Some iPhone 8 rumors have been confirmed

There have been rumors after rumors about the upcoming iPhone 8 from Apple. Some seemed too good to be true, while others appeared to be closer to the truth. Now, it seems like there have been some confirmations regarding the direction the new device is going to. There may be months before its official release, but this never stopped anyone from trying to find out details about the phone. It’s worth noting that this upcoming device will celebrate Apple’s 10th anniversary. This is why rumor has it that its name might be the “iPhone Edition” or the “iPhone X”. It will also supposedly be the first smartphone from the company to feature the wireless charging technology.

A uncertain name

While we are not sure about the official name of the device, we are sure about the fact that it will come with a curved AMOLED display. Also, its dual-camera will sport a very interesting vertical system. Considering that this will be the anniversary of the tenth year since the release of the first iPhone, Apple will most probably announce it in September, this year. However, there are some experts who are saying that the company might delay the official release. Mainly due to some problems with the Touch ID sensor. Also, some other reports claim that the smartphone might only be available in a limited number. Moreover, if we are to believe these reports, people will be able to buy the new device somewhere in 2018. The reason is the same, Apple’s problems with various technical elements.

As for its price, some are claiming that the model with the most advanced specifications will have a price of over $1,000. Even of not all the models will have this high price, it sure that the phone will be more expensive than the previous model.

Rumors and speculation

The design of the phone, according to some other reports, is the one that has been rumored. A completely bezel-less face with a 5.8-inch display and the dual-camera system. Currently, the company is reportedly trying to repair any problems with the phone so that it will be ready for a fall release. Also, some people familiar with the device said that the wireless technology might not come with the phone. Instead, it might require an additional accessory which will come out later.

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