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Huawei Announces Special KFC Phone for China

Huawei and KFC make special edition phone

Smartphone manufacturers have always tried to surprise their users in various ways. This is why some companies have chosen to launch very interesting themed smartphones. Fans probably remember the very cool superhero Samsung Galaxy phones or the amazing R2-D2 Droid 2, inspired by the Star Wars franchise. Also, there have been some not so pretty ones as well, like the Hello Kitty HTC device. Now, it seems like Huawei is the latest company to try this trend. Some have said that the company’s idea is extremely bizarre. So much that it actually becomes cool and unique. The company released a KFC Android phone in China, in order to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the food chain there.

An Android KFC smartphone

Actually, this interesting KFC smartphone is a Huawei Enjoy 7 Plus. It’s one of the company’s middle range phones which is also not available everywhere. Still, the 12MP camera and the Snapdragon 435 processor actually make it a very nice device and useful for every day needs. Apart from the fingerprint sensor which is on the back of the phone, the red device will now also have a Colonel Sanders logo. All for the celebration of the fast food chain’s presence in China. It’s also worth noting that the company will only manufacture 5,000 such special edition devices.

KFC made the official announcement about its collaboration with Huawei on its official Weibo page. In this announcement, the company is saying that it took the decision to mark 30 years of existence in China by doing something special. Kentucky Fried Chicken first came to the Asian country back in 1987. With this collaboration, the company wants to combine the feeling that its food offers with the beauty and efficiency of the Huawei smartphones. They created a blend which should make people happy and prove to them that a fast food chain and a phone manufacturer can indeed successfully collaborate.

A special edition

It’s worth noting that the lucky people who will get a phone will have access to a special music app. This will let them share their music in the KFC restaurants. Also, when they’ll buy the phone, the customers will receive 10,000 K dollars. This is a virtual currency only present in China.

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