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To expand video business, Yahoo acquires live concert streaming startup Evntlive

Evntlive, a 2 year old (almost!) live music concerts streaming startup has been acquired by Yahoo and the team will be joining the Yahoo’s video team.


Yahoo’s this move states that the company is trying to expand its entertainment division and it was also confirmed by a spokeswoman of Yahoo on Friday. However, the details about the payment to Evntlive has not yet revealed.

Evntlive was founded in early 2012 and it launched its service only 7 months ago, in April. The 8 employees of the company will be joining the Yahoo’s video team at the headquarters in Sunnyvale, California. Currently the Evntlive service has been shut down and the homepage of the startup states that “Evntlive has been acquired by Yahoo!” It said,

Although our service will no longer be available, we are excited to be joining Yahoo’s video team. Click for more information about Yahoo Screen and Yahoo Music.

Since the launch, the service had streamed hundreds of live music concerts, festivals, artist interviews, music videos, which were available live or on-demand to its users via desktops, smartphones and tablets.

Yahoo has seen many number of acquisitions since the media-popular-CEO, Marissa Mayer joined the company. Now, with this acquisition, the company seems to be focusing more on its media and entertainment business. Recently, the company acquired a mobile video startup Ptch for $6.5 million and also hired a TV news anchor, Katie Couric, who will be leading the company”s correspondents’ team. It also tried to acquire DailyMotion video platform, which was later buffed by the French regulators.

Yahoo was once a search giant, which turned itself as a content and media producing company. The current acquisition spree also leading the firm to involve more in media content generation rather than focusing on core search and other technical apps.


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