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Google Launches New App to Help Upload Data to Cloud

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Google just launched the new app called “Backup and Sync from Google” which the company announced since the past month. The aim of this new tool is to make it easier for users to make backups of their data, including photographs and documents. Also, this app comes as a replacement for the old Google Photos app for desktop and the Google Drive for PC and Mac too. So, to make things easier to understand and use, the new app combines these older tools into one. The company wants to make the experience swifter and to allow users to have access to the same things as before, but in only one place.

Making it easier

Both the Google Photos app and the Drive were very similar tools which had the sole aim of allowing users to store their data and files in a cloud. Now, the new app will combine those two while having the same purpose. So, in order to have access to “Backup and Sync from Google”, users will need to log into their account. On its very simple and elegant interface, the user will be able to select which folders it wants to make a backup of in Drive. According to the company, people should not worry about setting their software again. Because it acts as a replacement, all the settings from the previous Drive app will be kept. This is available for both PCs and Mac computers.

People can download the new tool for free from both the official websites of Google Photos and Drive. It’s also worth noting that according to the company, those business users, those using the G Suite, should wait a bit longer. At the moment, they don’t need to download and install this updated software.  Google actually wants to launch another, more business-oriented tool called Drive File Stream.

Two in one

People should know that the new app will allow them to make their own settings. For example, they will be able to choose whether or not they want Google to upload the photos in the cloud in their original quality or in HD. Also, people can now renew the Drive subscription from this new version of the tool. Experts recommend that they do this immediately after installing it.

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