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iBeacon fails to create an impact in Apple retail stores

As Apple made its new iBeacon messaging and location technology available at retail stores in the U.S the company’s focus on product’s pricing hasn’t created an appeal among customers.


Customers either have only two options, either to trade in their old iPhone or reminder for product reviews while using the Apple store app. The messages are only notified if the app is configured with an iOS device to receive iBeacon signals and is specified to in-store notifications.

A reporter from Accociated Press received the iBeacon technology from Apple while visiting the Fifth Avenue (NYC) store and also announced that the service would debut on Friday. Individual stores are in the process of installing iBeacon devices at strategic locations in the stores and activating the iBeacon devices by loading the software. Some visitors who received iBeacon information claim the repeat messages to be common and not specific to the customer.

Apple hasn’t created a promotion or discount for attracting a person to the iBeacon, thus reducing the appeal of the product. Apple is also known to offer discounts only on Black Friday and education market.

The iBeacon service offers two categories by sending messages common to all visitors and product-specific messages for a limited area. The product-specific can be used for a specific product like iPad Mini display table and offers flexibility in sending messages in a short range. Rotation messages  can be annoying to customers if they would have to see messages that they weren’t interested in or didn’t apply for.

One innovative feature mentioned by Apple is greeting arriving visitors and who have chosen for personal pickup from on-line purchase. Genius Bar queues would also notify customers the waiting time for the service. This feature will also help in providing accurate information about product availability.

The success of the iBeacon depends on the interest of retailers in adapting to the service and if shoppers are willing to make use of the iPhone as a guide.


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