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Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, Still Weird, but Improved

Final Fantasy XII screenshot

In this very popular series that is Final Fantasy, the 12th installment has always been considered that weird kid. Mainly because the way the game was made. It was a little different from all the others, with a combat system in real-time resembling a massively multiplayer game. However, the game still kept that feeling of adventure when the main character has an entire group of friends to help him in need. Moreover, it also had another bizarre system which allowed the player to schedule certain behaviors of the party. Combined with a different story which didn’t have to do with any monsters, XII surely became a very different game than the rest of the series. This is probably why Square Enix has decided to release an updated version of this game, this time with the name Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

It’s very important for player to know that this version has as base another Japanese one which Square Enix never released in the United States. Now, those players will be able to finally enjoy an updated version of XII for the PlayStation 4. There are some interesting and useful changes which Square Enix added to this version of the game. Apart from keeping the real-time combat system and other features intact, it changed the way the character is progressing. In the original game, this was not at all interesting and on certain occasion it became so boring that many players gave up.

Through combat, characters would acquire License Points and also experience points. With them, players could buy certain skills on the License Board. However, the biggest issue here was that every character had the same Board. So, after some time, each character ended up looking like a perfect copy of the other. The new game doesn’t have this issue anymore, which is a very good thing.

Many improvements, still bizarre

All in all, the game has many improvements and is a better game than the original version. Even if it’s still a bit bizarre, it certainly feels like a Final Fantasy game. Still, it doesn’t mean that it’s suddenly perfect but fans will be happy. It’s a game worth buying, especially if you are an enthusiast of this series.

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