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Twitter Introduces Mute Options to Fight Abusive Behavior

Twitter introduces mute options

Recently, Twitter announced a new step in the fight against those accounts that display an abusive behavior. Now, the highly-popular platform introduces a series of new settings. Those will reportedly allow users to avoid receiving notifications from accounts they don’t know or want to avoid. Those changes rolled out on Monday and thanks to them, you will have the possibility to put certain accounts on mute or those people who don’t follow your own account. It’s interesting that this option has been present on Twitter for two years but now it’s updated a far more efficient.

The fight against abusive behavior

Originally, this option allowed users to avoid receiving notifications from a certain account without their knowledge. Basically, it was like the unfriend on Facebook. A subtle yet effective way of getting rid of someone you don’t want to see. All without completely removing them or blocking them. The change actually acts in a very elegant way because those users will still be able to retweet or favorite your tweets. The only difference is that you will not receive a notification about it because the app will consider that you don’t really care about that person. A year ago, the company introduced the possibility to mute entire phrases or words in order to avoid cyberbullying and an inappropriate internet behavior.

However, back in March, Twitter took things to a whole new level. They even introduced certain algorithms meant as a way to identify certain users’ inappropriate behavior. So now, users can mute notifications from people without a profile picture, verified e-mail address or phone number. People can find all of those new setting in the app’s notifications menu. Then they need to tap on the Settings tab and after that on Advanced settings.

Twitter is learning from its mistakes

People at Twitter have admitted numerous times that they may have done some mistakes in the past. Their algorithms may not have always worked properly and flagged some accounts belonging to people who did nothing wrong. However, they wanted to reassure people that they are learning from their mistakes. Twitter is currently transforming into a safe place which protects its users and cares about their security. The platform is encouraging users to send feedback about the new changes.

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