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Jayden K Smith is not a Hacker, but a New Facebook Hoax

Jayden K Smith craze is just a Facebook hoax

Recently, people on Facebook have begun receiving some rather bizarre messages regarding a certain person named Jayden K Smith. The message warns them to not accept his friend request because he is supposedly a hacker that will enter their computers and cause harm. Seeing how frightened users have been by this person, some expert shave decided to calm the spirits. According to them, people should not be concerned because this is not a hacker. It’s yet another Internet hoax that has gained popularity because people believe everything they see online.

The curious case of Jayden K Smith

People usually receive the message warning them to not accept Smith’s friend requests in Facebook Messenger. This message is also saying that people should forward it in order to also warn their friends about the threat. According to the it, if one of your friends accepts his friend request, you will also get hacked because he is supposedly connected to your Facebook account. However, experts are saying that it’s impossible to hack a computer only by adding someone as a friend on Facebook. At the same time, they are also advising people to not accept friend requests from strangers or users who seem dubious. Also, from those who don’t have a profile picture or any info on their profile.

There are also reports debunking this hoax. They are reassuring people that a certain Jayden K Smith doesn’t add random people on Facebook to hack them. Also, adding too many people in a short period of time goes against the platform’s anti-spam rules. Interestingly enough, there are many people with this exact name who don’t have anything to do with this hoax. Still, they have been at its center and their friends have unfriended them for no reason.

Only a hoax

People should know that such tricks are fairly common on the social platform because it has such a huge user base. There have been some people who have immediately though of Will Smith’s son Jayden Smith when they heard about this. He surely doesn’t have anything to do with it, but this hasn’t stopped them from making jokes on the internet.

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