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Smart Home Device Calls Police after Misinterpreting Question

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Every family or couple has its arguments, heated or not so much. However, when your smart home device calls the police following one of those quarrels, you know you spent your money well. However, a family from Tijeras, New Mexico, didn’t exactly intend for this to happen while they were fighting in their home. Eduardo Barros was reportedly at home with his girlfriend and her daughter when the two began arguing. At one point, the man allegedly asked her if she had called the sheriffs. That was the moment when the smart home device understood the question as a command to call the police. So, it called 911.

The smart home device called the police

According to the police forces, the man was even threatening his girlfriend with a gun when they arrived at the scene, completely uninvited. Because the device understood the question the wrong way and called 911, the police arrived immediately thinking they would find an emergency. They did, and it was as serious as they had expected. Moreover, the two adults were extremely surprised and shocked when they realized that the police were standing right at their doorstep, without anyone calling them. The sheriffs quickly calmed the couple and settled the argument between them.

As for the reason why the smart home device misunderstood the command and called the police, it was probably because the owners had connected it to a surround-speaker system. According to Bernalillo County Sheriff Manuel Gonzales, the fact that this home system called the police when the situation was extremely tense was a very good thing. He thinks that the arrival of the police forces probably saved a life. The woman and her daughter escaped from a very dangerous situation. A man with a gun who was threatening them. This could have led to something deadly.

How to save a life

Nobody knows at the moment what kind of smart home device the couple had installed inside their house. The investigation going on will probably reveal this detail too. According to the police, when they arrived at the scene the man was extremely violent. Many hours passed before he finally gave up and surrendered to the sheriffs. He will appear in court on Monday because he is facing many charges.

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