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Everything We know about Google Pixel 2

Google Pixel

Last year, Google decided that it was time for a change. And a big one. So, it retired the Nexus line and preferred to take the path of own-branded handsets. This is how the very-successful smartphone called Pixel was born. Now, everybody is eagerly waiting for the upcoming Pixel 2. If rumors are true, this next phone is sure to bring Google back to the head of the class and establish the company as a force in this industry. Among other things, the new phone will supposedly have much better specifications and an even better camera.

The highly-anticipated Pixel 2

After the Pixel and Pixel XL came out, both LG with its G6 and Samsung with the spectacular Galaxy S8 have decided to up the game and came out with very slim bezels and 16:9 screen. Now, everybody will be watching to see whether or not Google will do something in this regard. More importantly, if the next phone will be strong enough to fight with the dominance of Samsung. Until then, we only have some rumors about the upcoming phone.

Everybody agreed that Pixel’s front, which was heavily inspired by the iPhone, was not a very smart move. Now, that design looks extremely boring, especially next to giants like the Galaxy S8. And while there have not been any major leaks regarding the Pixel 2’s design, rumor has it that Google offered $900 million to invest in LG Display. Apart from this, the tech giant reportedly has its eyes on LG’s flexible display division. This could mean curved edges for the upcoming Pixel 2.

Rumor also has it that the new phone will keep the two-parts look on its back. Only this time, the glass window will be much smaller, only covering the camera lens, not the fingerprint sensor.

Rumors that sound promising

Another rumor says that the Snapdragon 835 chip will power the new phone and it will have 4GB of RAM. However, one of the most surprising rumors says that Google will get rid of the headphone jack. They will supposedly replace it with stereo speakers. The Pixel 2 will also probably be water-resistant, unlike its predecessor. As for the camera, no details emerged, but rumor has it that it will be significantly better than the previous one. Google will probably announce the new model in October, as it did with the previous Pixel phone. However, nothing is certain.

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