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Google Testing New Mobile Search Design

Google Search

Recently, some people have noticed a change on both the iOS and Android systems. This discovery seems to indicate towards the fact that Google might be making changes to its mobile search system. According to a reddit user who was one of the first to notice something suspicious, the changes could be significant. They seem to add a huge amount of Google’s Material Design language. Some of the other tweaks seem to be aimed at making the Google mobile search experience a swifter, more helpful and more intuitive one. It’s worth noting that this is just speculation at the moment. Those changes could be experimental and might never see the light of day. Until the tech giant reveals something official, these are all rumors.

Changes in the mobile search experience?

The first thing that might stuck users when they see the changes the company has made to the search system is that search results now appear on cards. This is a similar approach to that one Google Now currently has, so it should be familiar to some users. This is very good news especially for Android users. The card-system will make it much easier to differentiate the search results from their associated links. This has been a problem which has confused Android users for quite some time. However, if seems like Google went one step further with this concept and decided to show the address of the link at the top of the result card. This will make it easier for users to see the exact website the information is coming from. That colored dot bar also appears to that link’s right.

At the moment, it’s really difficult to see what function will that dot bar have. Mainly because the people who notice the changes said that it didn’t do anything. Maybe, Google is planning something else in the future. They could very well inform the user about the status of the link or simply act as a separation between search results.

Only speculation

Apart from the obvious changes, it seems like there will not be as many paid ad results at the top of the page from now on. So, it’s very possible that Android users will notice these changes in the future. Also, it could all be part of a test in order to bring things more closely together and fit in with Google Now.

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