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Snapchat has Introduced an Ad Skipping Feature

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Snap has recently decided to make easy ad skipping a new feature on its Snapchat messaging app. The main problem here will concern marketers who, from now on, will have to make adjustments to make their ads blend in with the others. For example, there have been some videos on Snapchat which at a first glance, looked like a typical post. Like the one starring NBA star Karl-Anthony Towns which turned out to be an ad for the sports drink Gatorade. Also, a few days ago in another video, a woman looked surprised when she looked at someone else’s phone. That was an ad to, this time for Snickers.

Blending ads with regular posts

Those two apparently regular Snapchat posts which are actually ads display the company’s new advertising strategy. They look exactly like normal Snapchat posts which makes them easily blend it with other user’s videos. The adds look homemade and less scripted, making users feel like they are just watching a friend’s snap. This is a really clever way of integrating advertising into this very popular app. It’s not a secret that for years, marketers have tried to make their ads blend it. However, Snapchat allows users to easily skip videos and photos, including ads, if they don’t like them. So, this feature makes it even harder for marketers to keep users interested and make them not want to skip their ad.

Snapchat surely knows when it’s planning to run a big Story which will attract a lot of viewers. A clear example of this was the roundup of Fourth of July videos which apparently, Google Pixel sponsored.  Also, the many messages coming from tennis fans who are currently at Wimbledon. Snapchat can indeed sell ad space to those big companies. After that, it creates special ads which will fit in with the other Stories of the regular users.

Snapchat’s interesting strategy

A very interesting feature which only Snapchat has momentarily is the ad skipping one. Unlike many other social media platforms, the app doesn’t make its users sit through ads. They can easily skip through the vertical ones which appear among Stories. Also, the company doesn’t make anyone put on a filter from a specific company if the person doesn’t want to. So, maybe this is what makes Snapchat special and different from all the others. And marketers will have a really hard time designing engaging ads which the users won’t skip.

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