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Hostgator, Hostmonster and Blueshost Experiencing Downtime

Server Downtime

If your website is hosted on Hostgator, Hostmonster or either Bluehost and you are not able to open your website you need not to worry as you are not the only one who is experiencing this problem. All the people who have hosted their websites on these web hosting companies are facing downtime as there is system outage at the data center. All these hosting companies are division of the Endurance International Group. The reason of the downtime was server maintenance at their data canter in Provo, Utah.

We were able to gather some of the tweets from Hostmonster and Bluehost’s twitter accounts which incurred that the maintenance caused additional problems for them.

As per Bluehost’s tweet “Unanticipated additional issues are occurring. We are continuing to update as more info comes in.” Bluehost and Hostmonster are not having any dedicated page which will help its customers to know the status of the system. But Hostgator has recently created a special forum which will help all of its customers in knowing each and every update about the system outage.

As per the reports we gathered from Hostmonster and Bluehost they said that they had a lot of phone calls regarding the system outage and they are trying to fix the problem ASAP.

Endurance International Group has updated a status which said:-

“During the morning of August 2, 2013, Endurance International Group’s data center in Provo, UT experienced unexpected issues that impacted customers of Bluehost, Hostgator, Hostmonster and JustHost. Company websites and some phone services were affected as well.

Many of our customers’ sites are back online. Some customers may continue to experience intermittent access and slowness until services are fully restored. Customer should not experience any loss of data.

The resources of our entire company are focused on the recovery, including our executive team, which is leading these efforts from our command center in Burlington, MA. The team will issue updates at enduranceresponse.com every 30 minutes until all customer services are restored. Following the restoration of services, Endurance will conduct a thorough review of this incident.”

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