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Five Nights at Freddy’s Creator Messing with Fans, Again

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The creator of Five Nights at Freddy’s horror videogame series appears to be making fun of the fans, again. Scott Cawthon created this unusual game which has a very big fan base. And while everybody expected his next project to be the sixth installment of this franchise, he unexpectedly announced that he has cancelled this project. Moreover, he stated that he decided to go work on other projects too and take a break, maybe a definitive one, from Freddy’s. Obviously, fans don’t believe him and are saying that he is only messing with their heads yet again.

The truth or a game?

Cawthon is one of those people who have a long history of elaborate jokes behind. For example, the spin-off game called Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location was initially postponed last fall. According to him, he had wanted to post an announcement detailing the postponing of the game. Immediately after, he said that the game he was thinking about was not actually going to be delayed. Actually, the entire story behind this videogame is far more complex than it appears. Also, than its actual narrative. For example, last April, as part of an April’s Fool’s joke, many of Cawthon’s websites began posting bad and unusual things about each other in the HTML code.

Some messages later, fans decided that maybe those bizarre messages meant more. The fan base united and discovered that when they were put together, the messages were actually his way of teasing Five Nights at Freddy’s 6. Then, suddenly, he posted on Steam about his decision to give up on the project to focus on other things too and because of the enormous stress. He supposedly couldn’t bear the stress of making each game better, as it should be, and decided to quit.

A history of jokes and trolling

Fans of the game obviously don’t believe a single word of what he is saying. Especially considering his history of jokes. They immediately started speculating so much that Cawthon felt the need to come back with an update to reassure them that it is not a joke and that he would never troll them. This last part prompted fans to believe that this is yet another joke.

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