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Activision Says More Crash Games Could Happen

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With the long-anticipated release of the N. Sane Trilogy for the PlayStation 4, the Crash series appears to be back into the spotlight, where it belongs. This new release is actually a package which contains some updated versions of the first three games in the series. Still, fans of the popular videogame are still waiting for the release of a brand-new title. If we are to believe what Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg said, their patience might be rewarded soon. He teased that there are currently some idea flying around regarding the future destiny of this very popular videogame series.

A new Crash videogame?

According to Hirshberg, Activision is currently testing the waters and experimenting with the future of the Crash series. However, he said that the people at the company are not very sure whether or not this enthusiasm comes from the newly-released N. Sane Trilogy. Maybe there is a limited number of die-hard fans of the game which are eagerly waiting for a new release. Hirshberg said that they may need more time to figure the truth behind this situation and to decide what to do with the game.

He continued by saying that everybody knows about the very dedicated fans that want the game to come back new and fresh. Still, before anything, Activision must be sure that there is a wide interest in the game, and not only the wish of a group of nostalgic people or a niche community. However, as long as the passion is there, great thing can happen. At the same time, Hirshberg admitted that Activision is always looking for the next big thing. And if the next big thing happens to be the next installment of an already established and popular franchise, so be it.

The enthusiasm is there

As for the N. Sane Trilogy, most of the critics were happy with how it came out. It surely was the dream came true of a die-hard Crash Bandicoot fan and a very-well execute one. Still, for the newcomers, it might not be anything revolutionary. Twenty years ago, Crash’s adventures were maybe innovative and extremely fun. Now, the times have changes and players today are much harder to impress. Still, it surely is a good game, especially for the more nostalgic ones.

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