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Samsung Galaxy Note 8, More Expensive than Initially Thought

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 more expensive

It seems like fans of the Samsung brand are not going to be very happy about the recent news regarding the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 device. After some rather convincing leaks which pretty much confirmed that the highly-anticipated smartphone will not come with a screen fingerprint sensor, it seems like the device will also be more expensive than everybody initially thought. The fact that the Note 8 will not have a fingerprint sensor it’s rather unusual, considering the fact that it should have matched the iPhone 8. The latter will surely have such a sensor in its screen. Also, this addition would have been rather game-changing for the company.

Bad news about the Galaxy Note 8

According to an unnamed Samsung Electronics official, the retail pricing for the entry level 64GB Galaxy Note 8 will start at about $1,100. This is a very high price, especially considering that the 64GB Galaxy S8 Plus was $250 cheaper. Also, the 256GB iPhone 7 Plus was $130 cheaper. Korean website Osen, which managed to extract this information from the Samsung source, also says that the company will make available another 128GB Galaxy Note 8. Supposedly, this one is going to be even more expensive than the regular device. According to the website, the higher price of some of its component is behind this significant increase. However, it didn’t name the specific parts which are supposedly more expensive.

It’s very interesting that Apple attributed part of the price increase in the upcoming iPhone 8 to the implementation of the Touch ID into the phone’s display. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will reportedly not come with this revolutionary feature. However, the phone will still be very expensive. Still, it seems like the upcoming Note 8 will still have some interesting additions to balance the situation.

A highly-anticipated smartphone

Even if the Note 8 will introduce a larger 128GB storage tier, the phone will still support expandable microSD cards. It’s also very interesting that Samsung will still launch the phone on 26 August. This is the same month as its exploding predecessor which caused so many troubles. The phone will also come with a dual-camera system. This will make it the first ever smartphone from Samsung to have this feature. We will see if this price tag will still convince users to buy it, especially after what happened with the Note 7.

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