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Users Shouldn’t Sign into New Apps with Social Media Accounts

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A recent study done by the Virginia Polytechnic Institute, which they published in April, found that thousands of apps on the Play Store require access to sensitive information. Also, that they share this information with other apps which the user didn’t allow permission for. It’s nothing new that the majority of apps require the user to introduce certain info such as age, date of birth, e-mail address or even phone number. Users can introduce the info manually or they can take the easier route and log-in using their social media accounts such as Google, Facebook or Twitter.

Avoid signing in with social media accounts

Most smartphone users usually sign in into new apps using their social networks accounts. It’s indeed much easier to tap a button and have a new account than to spend minutes typing each information in. Also, than having to remember yet another password. However, this is a dangerous practice. According to reports, in the past few years, more and more apps have begun spying on their users. This is because app developers are trying to gain access into other apps without the user knowing it. That is the reason why users should know that singing in using another social media account is like willingly offering them all your personal data.

This is why some social platforms like Facebook and Google Plus allow users to see which other apps have access to their social media accounts. Moreover, they allow users to disconnect a certain app from the social network whenever they wish. These options can be found in the Account Settings menu in both Facebook and Google Plus. While it’s true that creating a new password for every social media account and app on a smartphone can be challenging, it’s much better and safer this way.

The danger lurking in

Also, users should know that there is another risk when signing in into an app with a social media account. If that account gets hacked, all the apps which use it will also suffer. This is because they the same password links them all. This may not be too dangerous when it comes to fitness apps or games. However, it can really be dangerous if hackers reach your payment wallets via online shopping apps.

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