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Tinder Gold, a New Service Which Requires Money

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It seems like even Tinder, the very popular dating app, is preparing for the hot summer days with a new service called Tinder Gold. Or this may very well be the app’s latest plan to make its users pay them money for a look behind the scenes. More precisely, this new service allows users to see only those people who liked their profile. This way, it’s easier to swipe right only on those people who you know for sure were attracted to you. It might even make those very awkward first dates more bearable.

Money for Tinder Gold

The idea behind Tinder Gold is that it lets users see all the people who liked their profile before they even start swiping. So, after logging in, you will now have access to the “Like You” grid. If accessed, it displays all the people who swiped right on your profile. After seeing them, you will be able to decide what to do next. Swipe right on them too, message them or simply dismiss them. The fact that this new feature requires money should not come as a surprise. According to the parent company Match Group, there is currently over 1 million people which spend money on Tinder’s Premium services.

Right now, users can also choose to go on Tinder Plus which allows you to rewind if you accidentally missed someone you liked. It also has some other features which seem to only be helpful if you want to spam a potential date with photos of you. For people under 30-years old, this service costs $10 per month. For everyone else, it costs $20 per month. Also, it’s worth noting that all of those features from Tinder Plus will also be available on the new Tinder Gold.

Popular and profitable

According to a spokesperson for the company, they are still trying to figure out all the exact details about the Gold version. Also, that they haven’t set a pricing for it yet. Argentina, Australia, Canada, and Mexico will be the first lucky countries to test the Gold version. For some people, the possibility to see exactly who liked you might be a refreshing one. It spares people of unnecessary talks and makes sure that the affinity is mutual. Still, with this addition, Tinder might not be the dating app which became so popular because of its mystery, in the first place.

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