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Google Photos Adds New Important Features

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Yesterday, Google began rolling out its new sharing feature in Google Photos. This functionality was first revealed back in May at the company’s I/O developer conference. More precisely, the tech giant is launching the Suggested Sharing feature which powered by artificial intelligence. Also, it launched the Shared Libraries one too, both of which are supposed to help make the Google Photos app a more socially-inclined experience. So, it will no longer be just your own personal collection of photos and videos, but something which you will be able to send to friends and much more than this.

The new and improved Google Photos

For entire years companies have tried to transform their technology in order to make users share their personal photos with their friends. Older apps like Flock (which Google later bought) tried to use the location and make collections of photos, even if they were on different devices. Bundle and Cluster aimed at a better organization of photos into albums. At the moment, there are many apps which try to use the same base as texting, but only with photos. Until now, none of them seemed too successful.

However, tech giants like Facebook and Google have had the most success in this area. Part of the reason for it was their use of facial recognition and artificial intelligence. Also, they had the enormous advantage of already having a solid user base on which they could build. An example for Facebook is Moments. This feature recognizes who the people in your photos are, groups them into albums and allows you to share them with just one click. At the same time, Google has its Photos.

Suggested Sharing and Shared Libraries

Suggested Sharing will allow users to share their photos by displaying an alert on your device. The feature will also identify your friends who appear in photos and the locations where they were taken. Then, it organizes them into albums by selecting only the best shots. For example, it will remove dark or blurry images. And, as Facebook Moments, you will now have the possibility of adding photos to a collection which everyone will see. As for Shared Libraries, this lets the user share photos or albums with certain people. It’s more designed to be used with family or close friends.

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