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Google Gives Up on Gchat, Replaces it with Hangouts

Google Hangouts

A good chat client, besides allowing a nice and smooth communication between two or more people, should inform the user which friends are available at a certain moment. Gchat (or Google Talk if you prefer) was one of those apps which did this very well. It had a small box with your frequent contacts which showed which contacts were available using a green dot. Those with a yellow dot were inactive, a red dot meant that the person was busy and the grey one that the person was offline. If these signals were to go away, it would seriously hurt the quality of text communication. And with this, we arrive at the fact that Google has decided to replace Gchat with Hangouts on 26 June.

Gchat no longer available

Google Hangouts has this exact huge problem. It doesn’t let users know when certain contacts are available to chat. Also, even if there are some small green dots near that person’s name, they usually don’t reflect the reality. Those who have tested Hangouts for one or two months have said that people were online but didn’t have a green dot. Also, the other way around happened too. People looked available when in reality, they were not. So, it can get really frustrating to ask someone on another platform if they are online on Google Hangouts.

Another problem the people who tested Hangouts noticed is that many times, they were also missing some of their friends’ messages. This can also bother a swift communication as usually, most of the people don’t respond to a message they received when being offline. This is interesting considering that Google initially presented Hangouts as a very versatile communications platform. However, in recent years, the Mountain View giant has been focusing on adapting it to the enterprise branch.

Hangouts and its problems

So, it seems like the tech giant knows about those issues with Hangouts. Therefore, it has decided to encourage people who want a quicker communication to use Android Messages, Allo, Duo, or Voice. Those might all be similar and integrated with one another. However, it’s very unlikely that Google will discontinue any in the following years. All in all, we will see how users will receive Hangouts and if the new platform will please any of them.

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