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Valkyria Revolution, Different from the Rest of the Series

Characters from the Valkyria series

Just because fans of the Valkyria series will surely notice some drastic changes in this new installment of the beloved tactical RPG series, it doesn’t mean that the game is not good. On the contrary. Valyria Revolution is exactly what the title suggests, a revolution. The game is entirely different in the sense that it brings a whole new world and storyline for the players to enjoy and become accustomed to. The combat system is also completely different and this time, it focuses more on action. While it’s true that nostalgic fans will not get to experience the exact same feel the old games had, Valkyria Revolution is a good game that draws newcomers as well as feeling like it’s part of the franchise.

Valkyria Revolution is indeed a revolution

The game’s narrative takes place on the fictional continent called Europa, a somewhat interesting reimagining of the real Europe. However, it’s filled with more supernatural and fantasy elements than before. Fans should remember that the Valkyria Chronicles game took place in the World War II period. The setting for this game reminds us more of the Industrial Revolution days. And, as the previous games, this one also focuses on the war between two countries: the small but resourceful Jutland versus the military-inclined Ruz Empire.

The player will take control of the Vanargand or the anti-Valkyria squad. This is an elite group of soldiers who play a big role in the entire war, especially because of their mana-infused weapons. They built them especially to defeat the powerful mystical being Valkyria, which the Ruz Empire currently controls. However, the Vanargand are joined by an unlikely ally in the person of Princess Ophelia of Jutland. The fearless crowned head decides to fight alongside her soldiers in this war.

Many changes

Players should know that Valkyria Revolution is an incredibly story-heavy game. So, those people who don’t like watching hours of cutscenes might not like this approach. Also, the battle system is maybe this game’s biggest change from its predecessors. This time, the battles take place in real time and you can execute a lot of moves like dodging or guarding. All in all, this is a game for both the nostalgic ones and for newcomers. With such a rich story, it’s sure to keep you busy for hours.

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