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Nokia 3, the Comeback Everyone Has Been Waiting For

Nokia 3 smartphone

It’s always a very risky move to reinvent a classic. It doesn’t matter what it is, phone, videogame, or any other device. The expectations are always very high and when the fans finally get their hands on that certain device, they are usually disappointed. It’s a completely normal behavior to think of a remake that it’s not as good as the original, mainly because that was what you maybe grew up with. It’s forever stuck in your memory the way it was and when something changes, it hurts. Nokia is currently trying this strategy and making a comeback in the phone market with the help of Android.

The Nokia 3 smartphone

We have some similar example of comebacks in the tech world too. Just think about HTC and Blackberry and the unsuccessful attempts to reclaim market share. Nokia is now coming back with three new Android smartphones to remind us of the old times. This is a brand that has been so successful that the devices it produced became synonymous with their name. Interestingly enough, out of the three models Nokia is trying to make a comeback with, the smallest and cheapest of them attracts the most attention. The Nokia 3 smartphone.

One of the first qualities of this smartphone is its exceptionally well-done build. It has a design that succeeds in trying to be modern while keeping alive that nostalgia of the old Nokia Lumia phones. It’s indeed very hard to make a phone look premium while keeping that nostalgic feel about it. The phone has a polycarbonate back with a matte finish. Also, it has a metal frame going along the side of the phone. This also adds to the premium feel of it.

Looking premium while feeling nostalgic

As for the display, it’s average while also being very good for the price it has. It doesn’t wow anyone, but it doesn’t bother anyone either. The Nokia 3 is running on the Android Nougat system which also moves acceptable again, for the price it has. Also, the battery life of the phone is not impressive, but it’s good enough for you to do your business. The phone has 16Gb of storage and supports a microSD card of up to 128 GB. It has a rear camera of 8MP which is a little bit above average. All in all, we can say that Nokia is finally back, even if this smartphone doesn’t exceed at anything in particular. Still, for those who want a good phone for daily use, Nokia 3 might be the best alternative.

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