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New Location-Sharing Feature on Snapchat Has Parents Worried

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Last week, Snapchat officially announced a new feature. Thanks to this new addition, users will be able to see on a map where their friends are posting snaps from. Indeed, this update will make it much easier for people to see where their friends are, to communicate with them or to simply see where people are around the world and what they are posting. However, according to the opinions of some internet safety experts, this addition might be dangerous especially is used by children. This got parents worried about the safety of their kids who are using Snapchat on a daily basis.

A new location-sharing feature

According to Titania Jordan, the chief parenting officer of digital safety and solution app Bark, from a tech point of view, what Snapchat added is a very cool and useful feature. However, for a parent of a child with the age between 8 and 17, things might become a little bit worrying. It’s an interactive update and one which will surely gain a lot of popularity among young people. And even if this location-sharing thing might sound like something completely new, it actually isn’t. Nowadays, many apps have it incorporated within them. For example, Facebook messenger and Apple’s “Find my friends” have it.

So, in order for users to access the new Snap Map, they simply need to update the app. After that, Snapchat will ask them whether or not they want to activate location-sharing for all their friends. Users can activate this option for a certain number of friends. Also, they can choose to go “ghost” mode or to remain completely anonymous. To access it, simply pinch to zoom the camera in app, and an entire map will show up, with all your friends.

The good and the bad side

Larry Magid, CEO of website ConnectSafely, which created a parent guide to Snapchat, is saying that while there are fun and enjoyable things in location-sharing, there is also a bad side. The danger comes from willingly sharing your location. Therefore, giving up on the right to be anywhere, at any time, without anyone knowing. So, there are cases when a certain person might want to do you harm. With location-sharing active, they can immediately find out where you are and what are you doing. This is the main reason why parents are worried about this feature. So, they can only talk to their children and warn them about the dangers they may come across.

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