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New BMW X3 Images Leak and Show the New Design

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BMW is planning to reveal the next generation of X3 cars today, June 26. However, it seems not everything is well and organized because the Hong Kong website of the brand posted some new pictures which have been taken down since then), revealing the final design of the new model. Moreover, if we were to add the new leaked images to the ones we have already seen, we would have a very clear vision of how the new luxury crossover will look like. The model will most probably go on sale this fall, after the world premiere taking place at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

A clear image of the new BMW X3

This will be the third generation X3 models from BMW, and will mark a clear evolution from its predecessors. The company altered its design, made some rounder edges, more beautiful lightning units and a larger variation of BMW’s double kidney grille. As far as specifications go, nobody knows them for sure at the moment. However, rumor has it that this model has longer rear doors and quarter windows. As for its inside design, we will see many of the technology features and styling of the new 5-Series. The BMW X3 will reportedly sport a digital display for the instrument panel, which will most probably be an optional feature for most models. It will also have a big floating screen for the new iDrive system.

The 2018 model will have a more modern version of BMW’s high-strength steel platform. It will also have a double wishbone front and multilink rear suspension. These elements might act as a base for the upcoming and sportier looking X4 model which will come out next year.

A luxurious and beautiful car

According to the official spec sheet, the M performance model of the X3 hits 100km/h (62mph) in about 4.8 seconds. Its top speed is 250 km/h (155mph), with an average fuel consumption of between 8.2 and 8.4 l/100km (equal to 28.0-28.7mpg). The Hong Kong website also mentioned the diesel versions of the new X3 model. Also, BMW will reportedly add four more turbocharged gasoline versions. We will see how the market will receive this new model, especially with those leaks coming just before the official unveiling.

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