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Former iOS Chief Scott Forstall Talks First Ever iPhone

Former iOS chief Scott Forstall

During a rare interview on Tuesday at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, former iOS chief Scott Forstall talked about how the first ever iPhone was born. He also discussed his relationship with the late Steve Jobs. After an opening hour with some of the original iPhone engineers Nitin Ganatra, Hugo Fiennes, and Scott Herz, Forstall began talking with journalist John Markoff. Since he was fired from Apple back in October 2012 after the unsuccessful launch of the Apple Maps, he didn’t make any official appearance. This marked the first time he chose to publicly speak about his time at Apple.

An extremely rare interview

Among other things, Forstall talked about his education. Also, about his early career at NeXT, which at the time belonged to Steve Jobs. After that, he began talking about his work on the very first iPhone model. It’s worth noting that the former iOS chief spoke very fondly and warmly about his time at Apple. However, he didn’t really reveal any major details or unknown facts. One of the most interesting stories was that according to which Steve Jobs had initially wanted to make a touch tablet. He became annoyed after a person he hated and who worked at Microsoft (Forstall said it wasn’t Bill Gates) began boasting about their new tablet. So, one morning, Jobs told everyone that they needed to show them how it’s really done.

As for the idea for the first iPhone, it came into his and Job’s minds one day when eating lunch. The two noticed that every person was eating and using their phone at the same time. At the time, it didn’t look enjoyable to have a phone in your hand 24/7. This is why they thought about a way to perfect touch. Also, to put it into a device that will fit in a pocket.

How everything began

Forstall also talked about the hundreds of emails he received from people. Many were thanking him for the invention of the iPhone and tablet. He offered the example of a 100-year old woman who was an avid reader. However, with age, it became harder and harder to do this. So, her family brought her an iPad which allowed her to take up reading again. As for his friendship with Jobs, he said that it was something that changed his life and that he will never forget him.

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