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Sega Wants to Reinvent Retro Gaming

Sega wants to reinvent retro gaming

About 20 years ago, Sega decided that it was time to quit the video game console business. However, it’s important to note that the company still has some of the most popular and iconic classic characters and catalogs. This is probably why the company has decided to do something about it and came up with the Sega Forever initiative. The company made the official announcement yesterday and said that from now on, it will reissue its classic games on iOS and Android under this new banner. Today, five of those titles are getting released in the United States.

The Sega Forever initiative

According to Sega, a new title will follow every two weeks from now on. Each game will be free but users will have the option to completely turn off advertising for $1.99. The Genesis titles are the first five Sega games to receive this treatment. They are Sonic the Hedgehog, Comix Zone, Altered Beast, Kid Chameleon, and Phantasy Star II. Fans of the classic games will recognize them right away and they are sure to bring back some memories and to trigger nostalgia. However, according to Mike Evans, Sega’s chief marketing officer and development lead on Sega Forever, the company will not stop here. There are reportedly two decades of classic gaming prepared to be brought back.

Still, it seems like Sega also has some problems with this ambitious project. One of them would be emulation. Even if the game engine Unity can easily emulate most of the classic Sega games (it basically tricks the files into thinking it’s running on a different hardware), there are some that don’t accept this treatment. Evans said that the company wants to partner with a well-established and respected emulation community to solve this problem.

Bringing back the classic games

Apart from those emulation problems, Evans said that the company will decide which games to bring back through community feedback. He said that they’ll show a list of titles to the community. After that, they’ll let them decide what they want to play next. All in all, the main purpose of Sega Forever is to become the “Netflix of retro gaming”. According to Evans, they want to create a gateway into the past with this project. A way for nostalgic players to be able to enjoy one more time the titles they once loved so much.

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