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Uber Now Allows Clients to Tip Drivers

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On Tuesday, ride-hailing giant Uber announced the introduction of a new built-in tipping system. This will momentarily be available only in the United States and will allow passengers to tip their drivers with only one touch. This is the first time the app has introduced something like this. It’s also part of a new strategy meant to reshape Uber and to establish it as a company with conscience, heart, and above all, with respect for its clients and employees. Apart from the tipping system, Uber also announced that from now on, its drivers will be able to make more money in some other ways too.

Tipping the driver

From now on, riders will be charged by the minute if they keep an Uber car waiting for them more than two minutes. Also, the company is apparently reducing the time riders have when they want to cancel a ride to just two minutes. This way, more people will avoid paying that additional $5 fee. As for the tip money, the company will not take any penny. Everything will go to the drivers. The ride-hailing giant will only keep on collecting part of the cancellation fees and the waiting-time charges. It’s worth noting that rival company Lyft introduced the tipping option a long time ago. On Tuesday, it will start for Uber too in Seattle, Houston and Minneapolis. By the end of July, the company wants to make it available for all the United States cities. All the other features will become available in August.

These latest updates are part of a plan to better the relationship between the company and its drivers. These changes come after numerous complaints about sexual harassment in its offices and prominent lack of diversity. Rachel Holt, regional general manager in the U.S. and Canada admitted that the drivers are the company’s most important partners. Unfortunately, Uber hasn’t done much to thank them for their work. This is a first step.

“180 days of change”

“180 days of change” is reportedly the name of this entire program. During it, Uber is going to introduce some major changes in order to restore the company’s damaged reputation. On the other hand, drivers are saying that the tipping change is a very useful addition. However, they would like the company to pay them more. This is especially available for New York City, where the costs are very high.

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