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Pokemon Go Undergoing Changes for Anniversary

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In order to celebrate its anniversary, the very-popular mobile game Pokemon Go is undergoing some changes. Many of those will affects the gyms, which from now on will be more accessible. Also, players will soon be able to team up with each other and go on raids to battle the most dangerous and powerful Pokemon ever. Some fans might be disappointed to find out that player versus player battles are not among these changes. At least for now. According to Niantic, the gym updates launched for select players yesterday. However, these changes will reach everyone in the following weeks.

Changes in Pokemon Go

Developer Niantic is saying that this gym change should make the feature interesting for absolutely everyone. Not only for those players that have a lot of experience. According to them, the gyms will soon have six slots. A team can fill them with their own Pokemon monsters. So, even if your team cannot defeat a rival one, their individual Pokemon will lose their “motivation” stat after a number of defeats. Still, that team should know that they can raise back the “motivation” of their Pokemon by giving them berries. This feature brings out the cooperation efforts from both sides of the team.

Teams will also be able to win gym badges which they can later use to buy better items at PokeStops and other gyms. Apart from these changes, gyms will now receive rotating “photo discs”. Niantic is hoping that this way, some of the problems in highly populated areas will disappear. As for the raids, they will arrive in the coming weeks, first to some select players. The raids will allow players to team up with others that are nearby and fight together a Pokemon that’s maybe too powerful for one single player.

Gyms and raids should keep players interested

There will also be a raid boss which up to 20 players can battle, all at once. However, in order to be able to participate, you will need a “raid pass” which you can get from a gym, once a day. These changes are interesting, especially because players have been complaining about the lack of an endgame for months. These additions will hopefully keep them interested, even if, according to some testers, they are chaotic and not very fun.

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