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“Life is Strange: Before the Storm” and How it will Differ from the Original

How "Life is Strange" sequel will differ from the original

Fans of the original “Life is Strange” videogame will be disappointed to find out that Ashly Burch will no longer be the voice of Chloe in the sequel. Still, they should know that she had a very important opinion to voice during the development of “Before the Storm”. The creators consulted her when they wrote the dialogue and story arc for Chloe. So, fans should not be worried because probably, Chloe will still be the same character they all loved in the first game. A new actress will offer her voice to Chloe. The good news is that some people might not even notice that is someone else. The new actress sounds almost exactly the same as Burch.

What will differ in the sequel

Fans should know that “Before the Storm” is by no means a sequel. Actually, the events in it are taking place three years before those in the original game. At this time, Chloe is 16-years old, still dealing with the loss of her father and with Max’s move to Seattle. However, everything changes when she meets a certain Rachel Amber. Most fans already know about her disappearance at the end of “Life is Strange” and about her cruel fate. Still, it’s important to note that this game will focus more on their relationship. Also, the game will offer an insight into what kind of person she really is. This is a very good idea, especially considering how mysterious she was in the original game.

Another change from the original series is that this time, Chloe won’t be able to rewind time using Max’s special abilities. It makes perfect sense because this power would not fit into the narrative and storyline of this game. However, this doesn’t mean that “Before the Storm” will not feature supernatural and sci-fi elements.

Lots of changes

Another change is that Max Caulfield will not make an appearance in this game. Chloe’s best friend moved to Seattle without even letting her know. This is sure to leave a mark. The game will also deal with this part of Chloe’s life. As for the number of episodes, “Before the Storm” will have three of them. The original game had a story spanning over five episodes. The game will hit PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on August 31st.

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