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Google Drive Will Back Up the Entire Computer

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It seems like Google has some very big plans for its Drive tool and wants to tur it into something much more robust and useful. So, soon, files will no longer live inside the Drive folder. Instead, the tool will be able to analyze and backup each file you have on your computer, from the folders you tell it to. This will reportedly include documents folder, other specific data and even your desktop. The feature is scheduled to come out on June 28th, this year. It will also change its name and become Backup and Sync.

Backup and Sync

According to a post on the Google official blog, the new app called Backup and Sync has the purpose to help user backup their files and photos from their personal computers. The data will be available from everywhere while also being safe and secure. The company called the new feature the “latest version” of Google Drive for PC and Mac. They also reportedly integrated it with the Google Photos desktop uploader.

The company also mentioned that the new Backup and Sync tool is intended mainly for consumer users. The G Suite customers should keep on using the original Drive. This until the new Drive File Stream will become available later this year. This will be a tool specifically designed for Basic, Business, Enterprise, Education, and Nonprofit domains. The latter is going to allow users to access huge amounts of corporate data more easily without having to occupy the space on their hard drives.

The Drive File Stream

So, Google stated that for the moment, the company will not automatically update G Suite users from the original Drive to Backup and Sync. However, if a company allows its employees to download and install Drive for PC and Mac, they should also be able to download and upgrade to this latest tool. They will be able to do this starting June 28th.

It’s worth noting that the company hasn’t offered too many details about what exactly the users are going to do with this new version. Still, it’s probably a smart move from Google to expand this very useful feature. People have requested Dropbox should do the same. Unfortunately, they haven’t done anything in this regard.

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