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Sony and the Concept of PS4 Exclusivity

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Sony is maybe the strongest contender when it comes to this console generation. This is mainly because its PS4 has more and more exclusive titles which the company constantly uses to attract players. The last few years have been like this and this year’s E3 is no different. However, there is another concept that seems to be bothering a lot of people. That is the PS4 “exclusivity”. As part of this concept, Sony has developed its own games and has secured them and some annoying ways, according to some.

The concept of PS4 “exclusivity”

One of the issues with this concept is, according to some, the cross-play. More precisely, Sony’s refusal to implement it on the PS4. “Rocket League” was the first game to have Xbox One and PC cross-play, and it later added Nintendo Switch. However, PS4 refuses to join everyone else, apart from the PC. Another recent example is “Minecraft”, which is coming to Xbox, Switch and PC, but Sony again refused any collaboration.

It’s worth noting that the reason why the company is doing this is its massive PS4 install base. There is nothing wrong with wanting to keep that. However, when they make ridiculous excuses for it, people become even more annoyed. The idea is that the company wants to make even more people buy their PS4 as the only way to play together with their friends. According to PlayStation global sales and marketing head Jim Ryan, the reason for their refusal is that games like “Minecraft” have fans of all ages. However, most of them are very young. So, people who go online in the PlayStation universe need to be taken care of. The problem is that nobody can control precisely what is happening online. This way, children can be exposed to many external influences and they don’t want this to happen.

Sony’s own ideas

Apart from cross-play, there are other issues with this exclusivity concept. For example, for “Destiny 2”, Sony held back some exclusive content from the game. They managed to do this by striking a multi-year deal with Activision. This is why Xbox One players will not have access to certain maps, ship, armor set and more, for at least another year.

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