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“Days Gone” Trailer Focuses on Zombies and Stealth

"Days Gone" features zombies and stealth

Upcoming zombie action game “Days Gone” opened Sony’s E3 2017 press conference. It’s very interesting that the game has actually been officially revealed at last year’s E3. However, this year, Sony brought a gameplay demo for the fans, to offer a more intricate view on what this game is going to be all about. As expected, it’s full of zombies but the demo also provides a more detailed look at the exploratory part of the game. Add some interesting stealth techniques and fun motorcycle rides into the equation and fans might just get a perfect combination.

Zombies, stealth and motorcycles

The demo shows the protagonist catching the eyes of a pack of wolves. They were apparently eating a corpse before deciding that you look more appetizing. So, the main character begins a wild chase on his motorcycle, followed by an entire pack of hungry wolves. The next part of the demo shows some very interesting stealth techniques thanks to which the player can infiltrate the enemy bases. Those techniques include blowing up a wall using explosives. Also, releasing a horde of terrifying zombies on your foes who didn’t see it coming at all.

Towards the end of the trailer, protagonist Deacon St. John is fighting an unknown person who is apparently holding hostage one of his friends. After a struggle, the two unite forces and they managed to kill the threatening enemy. At the very end, players can see a giant bear-like creature which looks very menacing and which the protagonist will most probably have to fight at some point. So, this is a strong indicator that this game is never quiet and peaceful. Something may be lurking in the shadows at all times and players should be ready to confront it.

Always ready for anything, at all times

“Days Gone” will be coming to the PlayStation 4 and will also have some enhancements for the PS4 Pro. It’s interesting that last year, developer Sony Bend’s Ron Allen revealed some details about the game. Among other things, he said that the name of the zombies is “Freakers”. Also, that the game is set in the Oregon area, two years after a horrible pandemic turned most of the global population into zombie-like monsters.

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