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“Beyond Good & Evil 2” Trailer Surprises Everyone at E3

"Beyond Good & Evil 2" trailer screenshot

The sequel to the videogame “Beyond Good & Evil” was officially announced back in 2008. In all those years, there hasn’t been any new information or news regarding its fate. It shouldn’t have been at this year’s E3 either, as creator Michel Ancel himself said. However, Ubisoft decided to surprise everyone and revealed the trailer for “Beyond Good & Evil 2” during its press conference at E3. The title of the game shouldn’t deceive fans. It’s not actually a sequel, but a prequel that takes place before Jade, the first game’s protagonist, was born.

A years-long waiting

The events of the sequel are reportedly going to take place in a “vast solar system” called System 3. It’s the 24th century and this system is a “hub of interstellar colonization and commerce”. However, many people were surprised when the characters started talking in the trailer. Moreover, when they started swearing. This represents a big change in tone from the first game. The original was full of funny interactions between characters too, but they were never talking so freely.

“Beyond Good & Evil 2” doesn’t have an official release date for now. However, Ubisoft has announced the “Space Monkey” program which will allow players to beta test the game. Those interested will soon be able to sign up for the program on the game’s official website. It’s interesting that at last year’s E3, Ubisoft chief executive Yves Guillemot said that Michel Ancel was indeed working on the sequel. In October last year, the company said once again that the game was still in development and couldn’t offer a reveal date.

“Beyond Good & Evil 2” is a prequel

After that, the game’s official Facebook page also officially announced that Ancel was working on a new title at Ubisoft Montpellier. Some new concept art accompanied that announcement and got fans excited. At this year’s E3, the company didn’t reveal anything regarding the gameplay of the game. However, they did say that it will feature a massive online environment. Also, that players will be able to travel between planets and moons whenever they would like. Ubisoft Montpellier also developed games like Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends, true classics of the genre, much appreciated by the fans. The company is probably going to reveal more details soon.

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