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New “God of War 4” Trailer Shows Kratos Old and Brutal

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Recently, Sony revealed the new trailer for their upcoming video game “God of War 4”. This time, it seems like Kratos, the popular main character of the series, will be travelling to some snow-covered and frozen lands which the Norse gods rule. However, this time, he will not be alone. His son is going to accompany him in his adventure. The journey will reportedly be very dangerous but for the moment, this is everything videogame fans need to know.

Some kind of a reboot

The upcoming “God of War 4” will reportedly be some kind of a reboot for the original franchise from Sony. At the time, it was maybe the most successful videogame series for the PlayStation 2. However, this recent trailer alludes a little at Kratos’ dark past, full of violence and horrifying battles. So, it seems like the game will not completely take the new story from the beginning. Kratos will still bear the heaviness of his past actions when we meet him. Even if the game appears to have adopted a new style and it’s practically a brand-new game, fans will undoubtedly notice the familiar elements that made them love the “God of War” series.

The trailer is full of dialogue and heavy feelings, but it’s also full of battles, massive monsters and head chopping. Fans will be able to see Kratos cutting the head of a giant snake which is apparently the one from the Norse mythology. Also, near the end of the trailer we can see Kratos’ son being able to talk with the beast, for reasons we momentarily don’t know. As for the perspective, the game seems to approach the inner part of its main character more than his outside persona. Kratos’ relationship with his son will surely be a catalyst for this introspective narrative.

A different approach

In the trailer, fans can see an older Kratos, with years that have left their marks on his face, but with the same warrior attitude. The transition towards a more introspect perspective is indeed a welcome change. For years fans have only seen the surface of this violent and strong character. Now, they will be able to see another part of Kratos, one that might surprise many.

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