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Google Chrome for Android to Get Big Speed Boost

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According to statistics, last year was the first one during which the world population surfed the internet on their mobile devices more than on their computers. Nowadays, about 55% of all internet browsing is done from a tablet or from a smartphone. This is proof that while apps are fun and useful, it’s the mobile browsers people need the most. And they need to be fast. There is one company in the tech business which maybe understands this issue the best: Google.

A boost of speed for Google Chrome

Google is the tech giant that handles the biggest part of all traffic coming from the world’s mobile devices. They also have the most popular internet browser at the moment which they are always looking to update and improve. This is why, with a new update, Chrome will become even faster than before in order to help people fulfill their internet wishes. It’s worth noting that next weeks’ update will not be almost unnoticeable. It will actually boost Chrome’s speed with about 20%. However, people should know that this amazing boost will only take place if your Android device will meet all the necessary conditions. But every mobile device user should still get a boost of at least 10%.

What made Google increase Chrome’s speed with its 59 version? Back in April, the company revealed that this update is the result of a huge improvement of its V8 JavaScript engine. The JavaScript is the element that handles the majority of the advanced functionality someone uses when they visit various websites. Google even tested it on some like Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and Wikipedia.

Efficiency and speed

During the same announcement, Google noted that the V8 JavaScript engine is now also more efficient. The company succeeded in making it use less memory. This contributes to the increased speed because Chrome will now use less memory when it loads JavaScript-heavy pages. Moreover, thanks to this update, web pages will run more smoothly from now on and will generally feel more responsive. Every user’s Android devices will automatically update to the 59 version of Google. Also, you can manually trigger the update on the Play Store if it doesn’t start by itself. Everyone should keep in mind that the speed update will be noticeable only if the device meets some requirements.

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