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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to Have Dual Camera

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

According to some reports from the South Korean media Newsis, the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 from Samsung Electronics will sport a dual camera. If the rumors are true, this would mark the first time the company had implemented this technology into one of its smartphone models. It’s worth noting that the Galaxy S8and S8 Plus devices which were released earlier this year were branded as having “dual pixel” camera. However, their camera still had only one lens.

Dual camera for the upcoming Galaxy Note 8

Supposedly, the new Galaxy Note 8 will keep a similar design with its predecessors. Also, with the flagship models launched this year. Citing an unknown Samsung source, Newsis said that the phone will keep the 18.5:9 ratio display. When the info for the report was gathered, the company was reportedly in the final stages of choosing the final design for the Note 8. The size of its display will reportedly be similar to the one of the S8 Plus. Moreover, the phone will still come with the signature S Pen. This means that it’s screen size will be 0.6 bigger than that of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. This was the source of Samsung’s problems from last year.

As for the much-debated location of the fingerprint sensor, Samsung is still trying to decide what the best solution would be. The company is reportedly considering putting it embedded on the display. The Galaxy S8 started a huge controversy when the company decided to place the fingerprint sensor on its back. Many people said that it was a completely wrong move. The sensor is too close to the camera. So, every time someone tries to unlock their phone, they inevitable touch the lens. This leads to smudges and, in time, to a decrease in the quality of the camera lens and photos.

Forgetting the Note 7 fiasco

Samsung is still trying to get over the fiasco that happened with the Note 7 device. Last year, the company needed to issue a costly global recall. It was all because of the many reports claiming that the phone was catching fire uncontrollably. This led to huge losses. So, even if the Galaxy S8 was a well-received phone, Samsung still wants to erase that event from the general memory.

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