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Magic: The Gathering, A New MMORPG in the Works

Magic: The Gathering card game

Through a press release, publisher Perfect World Entertainment and developer Cryptic Studios officially announced that they are developing a new MMORPG. The game will be based on Hasbro’s Wizards of the Coast trading card game called Magic: The Gathering. It’s worth remembering that this game has first been released back in 1993 and quickly became the most popular strategy card game in the world. Players became fascinated with this concept of summoning creatures and casting spells to defeat their enemies. However, Perfect World Entertainment CEO Bryan Huang said that the upcoming MMORPG will reveal another side of the game to the players. One they have never experienced before.

Magic: The Gathering

In the same press release, the creators described the upcoming game as an AAA RPG. They also announced that it’s currently being developed from scratch for PC and also for both consoles on the market. Huang also said that it has always been a dream for the publisher company to have a modern RPG based on the Magic card game. He praised the developer’s efforts and said that the direction they have been shaping is very exciting.

Cryptic Studios CEO Stephen D’Angelo also revealed that every little element has been designed for a unique AAA RPG game. He also said that fans will indeed recognize the lore and characters of the old game. However, they will now see them in a different light. The game’s production is reportedly taking place at its headquarters in Los Gatos. D’Angelo said that he has always wanted to make a Magic game based on the old card game, but with its unique personality.

Reinventing the old

It’s worth noting that in the past, there have been some games based on the Magic card game. For example, the free-to-play Magic Duels game is available for PC, iOS and Xbox One. However, most of them were only digital versions of the strategy board game. Some of the few games not focused on cards were 2003 Battlegrounds and Magic: The Gathering Puzzle Quest, a mobile game. This is why this MMORPG will be the first of its kind. More precisely, it will be a game only drawing from the lore of the popular game. As for further details, they will probably emerge soon.

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