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ARMS Is a Simple, Yet Complex Game

Image from ARMS Nintendo Switch game

ARMS is a fighting game that’s specifically made for the Nintendo Switch console. And if it may seem simplistic at a first glance, players should know that its essence is actually a rather complex one. ARMS can prove to be a difficult to master game, even for the most experienced of us. The game is full of combos which the player cannot possibly learn is just a few minutes of playing. It indeed has all the basic elements of a classic fighting game, but who says those are simple?

ARMS, a complex fighting game

However, in order to play this game decently, you will need to master a number of moves. You can punch, block, deliver an extra powerful hit, dash and jump. Those are basic moves but when it comes to the individuality of each character, things might become even more complex. You can play the game using a classic controller or a combination of motion controls and buttons. The player can then choose from a number of different Arms, which are actually Fists. You unlock each one by earning credits for completing matches. Each Fist is different and has its own unique abilities.

It’s worth noting that the concept of the game- fighters having long ribbon-like arms- doesn’t offer the quickest fights. However, it all becomes more interesting when you need to fight on a certain map which happens to have trampolines along the walls. The game’s pacing might seem odd for some, but it will surely appeal to the younger players. The simple controls also contribute to this. Also, another interesting thing is that the game has a lot of Modes. All of them have difficulty levels. For example, the Grand Prix mode is a walk in the park on easy, but switch it up a notch and it becomes a nightmare. You can also play online against your friends on the Versus mode.

An attractive game

ARMS is a very colorful game. The characters’ design is appealing and the arenas look amazing. These traits make for a very attractive game, especially for the younger audience. The Switch console managed to make the game look as beautiful on TV screens as in the hand-held mode. The game is available to buy at the price of $60.

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